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About Burnasheti-Bakuriani

Best time to visit: All Season

The Samtskhe-Javakheti region definitely does not suffer from a lack of hiking trails. You can go hiking here any time of the year and always find a route that you like.

One of the unknown hiking trails that can be explored at any time of the year is the Burnasheti-Bakuriani trail. We walked this trail in winter, in winter boots, and even with extremely heavy snowfall, the route is safe and does not represent an avalanche danger zone. The trail offers stunning panoramic views, one of the most beautiful lakes, Tabatskuri. The final destination of the route is the Bakuriani ski resort.

The route is designed for 2 days and starts in the village of Burnasheti. The starting altitude is 1700 meters. On the first day, moving along the ridges, you will rise to an altitude of 2800 meters (near a small lake) and then descend to the Tabatskuri lake. On the first day, you can set up a camp by the lake.

On the second day from Lake Tabatskuri, you will descend to the Bakuriani resort, where you will end the hike.

The route is of medium difficulty, in total you will need to walk 50 km. There are no difficult or impassable sections on the route, however, due to its length, it can be classified as a route of medium difficulty.

The water can be found at the beginning of the trail, in the village of Burnasheti, and on the Tabatskuri lake, so carry a proper amount of water with you.


ბურნაშეთი გადასახვევამდი (სოფლამდე 1 კილომეტრი) მიდის კარი საავტომობილო ასვალტის საფარი

Tags: #hiking #trekking #Backpacking #Adventure Tour
41.597598 , 43.714256
Duration: 2 days
Total distance: 50 km
Difficulty: Medium

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