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12 Natural monuments In Imereti

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ქუთაისის ბოტანიკური ბაღი - Kutaisi Botanical Garden
Kutaisi Botanical Garden

Kutaisi Botanical Garden is located in the city of Kutaisi, on the right bank of River Rioni and bec...

ნავენახევის მღვიმე - Navenakhevi Cave Natural Monument
Navenakhevi cave

Navenakhevi cave - karst cave in Imereti, 235 m above sea level, in the village Navenakhevi of Terjo...

გაბზარული ტბა - Gabzaruli Tba (Cracked Lake)
Gabzaruli Lake

Gabzaruli Lake - The natural monument is located in Imereti, Tskaltubo municipality, in the villag...

მუხურას ჩანჩქერი - Mukhura  waterfall
Mukhura waterfall

Mukhura waterfall - a three-step waterfall of 60-70 m high, which is flowing from the cave at the ...

ქუთაისის ცენტრალური ბაღი \
Kutaisi Boulevard

Kutaisi Central Garden "Boulevard" - a walk and leisure place in the city center. The garden was p...

პრომეთეს მღვიმე - Prometheus Cave, Kumistavi
Prometheus Cave

Natural monument Prometheus Cave is located in Tskaltubo municipality in Imereti region. Its length...

ხანის ჩანჩქერი - Khani waterfall
Khani Waterfall

In the southeast of village Khani in 4 km there is the highest waterfall  in Baghdati Municipal...

ქვასაყდარა - Qvasaydara

On the south side of Meskheti Ridge there are volcanic stone  columns which are naturaly transf...

ოკაცეს კანიონი, okace canyon, imereti
Okatse canyon

Okatse Canyon - is located in the territories of the village of Gordi in Khoni municipality. For tho...

ოკაცეს ჩანჩქერი, კინჩხა, ოკაცეს კანიონი, სამეგრელო - waterfall, canyon
Kinchkha Waterfall

Kinchkha Waterfall - The natural monument, the three-step waterfall cascade is in the valley of...

კაცხის სვეტი - Katskhi pillar
The Katskhi Pillar

Katski is a stairway to heaven, located near Chiatura, (13,4 km). This is the symbol of this region,...