63 Historic sites in Georgia

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მწვანე მონასტერი green monastery
Green Monastery

Green Monastery (Chitakhevi St. George Monastery,)  is located in the middle of the deciduous forest...

Fotoleti church, Akhaldaba, Borjomi
Potoleti Church

The church and monastery of Potoleti is one of the oldest of many historical monuments of the Borjom...

ტიმოთესუბნის მონასტერი, ბორჯომი - Timotesubani Church, Borjomi
Timotesubani Monastery

Timotesubani Virgin Mary Monastery was built on the eve of the XII-XIII centuries in the village of ...

პეტრეს ციხე petre fortress
Peter’s castle

Peter’s castle is located in the eastern part of Georgia, in the Borjomi municipality, opposite the ...

სამშვილდე - Samshvilde

Samshvilde Complex - one of the oldest historical castle towns in Georgia, near the current village ...

ფიტარეთის მონასტერი Pitareti Monastery
Pitareti Monastery

Pitareti monastery complex - Located in Eastern Georgia, in Kvemo Kartli, Tetritskaro Municipality, ...

ხულუტის ციხე Khuluti Fortress
Khuluti Fortress

Khuluti Fortress -  a monument of Georgian architecture, Castle Hall in Kvemo Kartli, Tetritska...

კაცხის მონასტერი - Katskhi Monastery
Katskhi Monastery

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თმოგვის ციხე fortress Tmogvi
Tmogvi fortress

Tmogvi fortress is located in Samtske-Javakhet, in Aspindza municipality near the village Tmogvi at ...

რაბათის ციხე Rabati fortress

Rabati Fortress is located in Samtskhe-Javakheti administrative center in the historic dis...