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Hello, I am Giorgi Modebadze, a guide to hiking and cultural tours from Georgia. Since 2014, I have been actively hiking in different regions of Georgia. Mountains and wildlife have become a special, irreplaceable and integral part of my heart and life from day one. Passion soon became a profession that is very attractive, enjoyable and joyful for me. Being a representative of your country to the whole world, presenting your culture, traditions, characters, sights, nature and many other things with dignity is a great motivation and responsibility. Over the years, studying and discovering tourist destinations in different parts of Georgia, have given me the experience and confidence to have a professional relationship with Georgian and foreign travelers interested in the nature of Georgia.

I try to be an excellent guide for the people who are with me, taking care of their comfort, pleasure and safety as much as possible. Thanks to the tours loaded with entertaining activities, I want to make each day we  spent together unforgettable in our lives.

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