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Hi. My name is Mindia Arabuli.

I am local cultural and trekking guide.  I am always ready to introduce unique culture and stunning nature of Georgia.

I got a trekking guide certificate, so ask me about the trails in the Caucasus mountains.  

I am always happy to help you, I will guide and organize your tours in Georgia. 


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13 Reviews
يوسف حيدر

Best guide ever, really we saw the beauty of Georgia by this man

Highly recommended
Good luck my bro


Sue White

Great guide, very knowledgeable, obviously loves his country and wants his guests to enjoy it too. Nothing is ever too much trouble which made our tour one of the best I’ve done. Would highly recommend Mindia as a tour/trek guide.

Kristine Fernando

Tell him your preferred kind of trip and he’ll show you how it should be done. Definitely a quality tour. From the airport until our last day in the city, ‘twas a vacation worth remembering. We are still in awe of the places we visited because Mindia made it superb for us. Thank you so much 🤝

Allyssa Novo Marfori

Highly recommended tour guide!

It will not be an "OK" experience,he will let you experience " a life time awe in the beauty of Georgia"

He's a man with so much knowledge and love to his country.

didi Mindia!

Gracia Guzman

Our tour to Georgia was everything and more than expected. It was all thanks to our superb tour guide for being friendly, accommodating, competent, and with a professional approach. Thank you for showcasing to us the history, culture, and beauty of Georgia. I enjoyed and was fascinated with every bit of Georgia and would love to visit again soon.

It was a wonderful time indeed, and I would highly recommend his tour!

Thank you so much Mindia!

Eve Tal

We spent 2 days traveling with Mindi in Sept. 2022 and enjoyed his cheerful competent assistance, as well as his knowledge. It was easy to communicate before our arrival in Georgia to make plans. He always arrived on time in his comfortable vehicle. We visited Birtvisi Canyon for a day of hiking and the David Gareja area the next day. We highly recommend using Mindia Arabuli as a guide in Georgia!

TuTi.K 😘😘

The​ Best guide​ for​ me​ &​ my​ ​friends, so​ many​ reason​ why​ i​ can​ say​ that:

Before​ visit​ Georgia​:
- Pay​ attention and​ quickly respond in​ any​ question​ ​with​out​ forcing
- Good​ advise for​ Hotel​ area​ and​ make​ good​ plan​ as​ we​ are​ interested

When​ visit​ Georgia​:
- Pick​ up ontime from​ ​first​ meeting​ until​ last​ ​day
- Take​ ​good​ ​care​ f​or​ everyone​ ​in​ our​ ​group​ like​ good​ friend​s
- Do​ anything​ in​ any​ request​d​ and no​any​​ forcing (no​ limitation of​ time​ if​ we​ request)​
- Showing us​ in​ good​ view​ and​
take​ ​good​ ​pic​ ​for​ us
- Tokd many​ stories of​ Georgia​and​ make​ funny​ time​ in​ the​ car

Thank​ u​ for​ give​ us​​ good​ time​ all​ 10 days​[Mar 22-31, 2023], we​ will​ not​ forget​ this​ moment​ and​ we​ know​ u​ tired​ much

Thank​ u,​ Mindia​

Ti​ from​ Thailand​

Asunee Hanyong

Hi Mindia,

I would like to thank you very much for a completely satisfying days with you, as you accompanied us around your Country.

This is the first time we have used the services of a  local  tour guide and would strongly recommend your services to future travellers visiting the areas covered by yourselves.

New ,   Thailand

Nishshanka Thenuwara

We travelled Georgia last Feb & had one of the best travel experiences in our life. We are so glad that we chose Mindia as our tour guide. If it wasn’t for him, the fun we had never be the same. He is more like a friend than a guide. He is a punctual person. He always made sure that our daily travel plans were fully covered. Even before we started our trip, he helped us to plan our itinerary accordingly to our needs. He always made sure we were in our comfort and safety. He has excellent knowledge of his beautiful country and its history. And he made sure to take us to the best restaurants and the food he suggested never disappointed us. If you need Hassel's free adventurous tour in Georgia, we highly recommend Mindia. He is the best!

Hello from Thailand but my soul is still in Georgia.

Thank you Mindia for taking good care of us during the past 10 days trip, and creating fun. There are various legends to listen to. Makes visiting different places fun and knowledgeable as well most importantly, there are also recommendations for local food from local restaurants that taste good for us to try as well.
However, despite the dizzying winding roads of this country, Mindia's drive was considered excellent It didn't make us get car sick at all. But driving smoothly makes us sleep on the way, which is great.

Finally, I recommend that if anyone has come to read the reviews and is interested in a tour guide who takes good care of the tourists like a friend, suggest that you do not have to hesitate to contact this person immediately.

Thank you Mindia

Worapan Visedsak

Highly recommend
Your experience will more than your expectation

Amnaj Udom

Highly recommended tour guide!
He is polite, punctual, and knowledgeable.
You can request what you want to do / where you want to go / when to stop for taking photo.
He can suggest the local place which is less know to tourist , and also many good local restaurants.
We had a great time in Georgia, thanks to Mindia.

Amnaj, from Thailand

Nick Schmid

I had the pleasure of spending a few days with Mindia in Georgia last autumn. Mindia is an incredibly friendly and accommodating guide. We traveled to Svaneti in a 4x4 during this short time, and everything was perfectly tailored to my preferences. I look forward to returning for a longer stay.

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