The route starts from Abastumani Astrophysical Observatory (1500m above sea level). As we walk out of the Observatory's territory we are on the ground road that passes through the coniferous forest. The general direction is to the northwest. Trail goes through the farm built in the woods (this place, like the nearby mountain, is called Nasabajvari). Path slowly goes up to alpine (uninterrupted) zone. Road passes by the shepherds' summer farm from the left side and with a large serpentine reaches the saddle (2370 m) (there is the short path). The first source of the water comes after a little descend. Once again we will follow ground road and ascend the saddle from where path goes right to the rocky ridge. Path goes over the rocky ridge and after overcoming the peack (2800m above sea level) descends on the left side of the hill and reaches lake Jaji(2650m above sea level).  After the lake Jaji path goes to the summer farms which can be seen from the lake. The first summer farm (Iaila) (Jaji Gioli) across the trail is also built near the small lake. From this point trail continues again on ground road which might be some times shortened by paths and we will reach forest in the gorge of the river Gagvi. Road crosses the river several time and there are no bridges. The trail ends at the vehicle bridge in the village Dertseli (1520 m above sea level).