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The trail links Nikoloz Romanov and St. Andrew routes and two overnights in Amarati and Lomismta shelters are needed. During the trail, you will come across following attractions:  Lomismta, Lomismta St, Giorgi church, scenic viewpoint with Caucasus scenery, Shepherd’s cabins, panoramic views of Lesser Caucasus.

The visit to Borjomi-Kharagauli National park is not free. For registration, booking of the tourist shelter and other services contact/visit Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park Visitor Center



Day 1: Likani - Lomismta Tourist Shelter

Rout starts from the Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park entrance and goes along the road. The trail crosses the river with the footbridge. After the footbridge, you will find the information board. From the information, board trail continues to the left and goes uphill with the serpentine. you are ascending all day long, however, there are relatively horizontal sections which giveს you the possibility to rest. Trail is well marked and visible year round. First day distance is 13 km. At the end of the day when the trail gets back to the vehicle road, you turn left and the road takes you to the shelter.


Day 2: Lomismta - Amarati

This day is longer and more difficult. On the trail, you will see shepherd’s summer farms, where they are keeping cattle during summer. The path ascends Lomistma, goes along the ridge, connect to mountain Megruki by the gorge and descends to Amarati tourist shelter.


Day 3: Amarati - Atskuri

Last day of the trail is relatively easy. The trail descends all day long and gets to Atskuri ranger station.



3 days
54 km (33.55 mi)
Distance from the Capital
160 km (99.42 mi)


Day 1: Likani - Lomismta Tourist Shelter

Day 2: Lomismta - Amarati

Day 3: Amarati - Atskuri


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