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Best time to visit: All Season

The trail links Nikoloz Romanov and St. Andrew routes and two overnights in Amarati and Lomismta shelters are needed. During the trail, you will come across following attractions:  Lomismta, Lomismta St, Giorgi church, scenic viewpoint with Caucasus scenery, Shepherd’s cabins, panoramic views of Lesser Caucasus.

The visit to Borjomi-Kharagauli National park is not free. For registration, booking of the tourist shelter and other services contact/visit Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park Visitor Center
Tags: #hiking #Horse Tour #Horse #Horseback Riding #Rider #trekking #Backpacking #Adventure Tour
Recommended duration: 3 days
Total distance: 54 km
Difficulty: Easy

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Christian Wetzel
Christian Wetzel

Hi There, your GPS-Track of sheperds trail has a "non-official" part. From 41.82359°N, 43.13649°E where it leaves the blue blazes until the sheperds hut on 41.84575°N, 43.14219°E where it gets to yellow blazes, there is no path at all, hundreds of fallen trees, dense vegetation and a overgrown creek. Perhaps you should add a warning at least. Official path follows the red blazes from Amarati shelter and continues with yellow blazes north of it. Thank you! :)

Ucha Gviniashvili
Ucha Gviniashvili

Hi Christian, Thank you for reporting the problem. We've not hiked on this track for a long time and there might be some issues. We will take a closer look and fix the problem. Thank you again and have a great time in Georgia

Benjamin Laemmle
Benjamin Laemmle

Hi, I have hiked the trail from the Lomismta shelter to the Amarati Shelter and can agree on the statement from Christian. The GPX track is at this part incorrect and not hikable.
The traveller should follow at a shepherds hut the marked yellow trail to the right and hike to the ridge, then follow the red marks to the left and pass mount Megrukhi and Mount Amarati and proceed to the shelter. The way is longer than the GPX track, but with no major technical problems.
The GPX track, as described by other hikers, is at this location unpassable. There are lots of fallen trees, often there is no path, and the ascent is extremely steep.
Please add a warning that the GPX track should not be followed at that spot. Thanks for your support.

Davit Merabishvili
Davit Merabishvili

Dear Benjamin, Thank you for bringing this up to us. We updated the GPX file and it would be great if you could help on checking whether we got it right?

Thank you in advance


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