29 December, 2021

10 best Places for Winter Vacations

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For tourists and travelers, Georgian regions have always been the best choice for spending time agreeably in winter. Its mountainous landscape and the Caucasus Mountains allow you to spend unforgettable days in the cold months of winter. Georgia is distinguished by the abundance of winter resorts, and in this article, you will learn about 10 such places.

1. Gudauri

Gudauri is the most popular winter resort in Georgia. It is located at a 2-hour drive from Tbilisi. It is easy to get there both by car and by public transport, minibus. Gudauri is distinguished by its maintained infrastructure and proximity to the capital city. If you choose this resort, then you will enjoy skiing on natural ski trails. Beginners can also ski and push themselves to new experiences.

Gudauri is also home to a cable car, which is more than 7 kilometers long and serves more than 2,800 people per day at full capacity. From the cable car, you can enjoy the landscapes of the snow-capped mountains of Kobi-Gudauri.

Gudauri is also distinguished by the abundance of hotels and guesthouses. Because Gudauri is the most popular winter destination among tourists, the prices here are higher compared to other winter resorts in Georgia. Nevertheless, Gudauri keeps its charm. If you live in Tbilisi, you can spend a pleasant weekend there and escape from the exhausting chaos of the city.

2. Bakuriani

Bakuriani is a cheaper resort compared to Gudauri because there are more guesthouses, so Bakuriani is an ideal choice for budget travelers. Bakuriani is also rich in recreational and fun activities. Here you can go skiing, snowboarding or snowmobiling. Bakuriani offers 23 trails of various complexities and makes it easier for beginners to try new sports.

In Bakuriani, you will also find 8 cable cars and one funicular, which are active for vacationers at any time of the year. All these features make Bakuriani an international resort that is attractive not only to local visitors but also to tourists.

You can get to Bakuriani either by car or by minibus. The roads to it are well-maintained, however heavy snow and ice on the roads often create problems. You must take this into account when traveling by car. On the other hand, it is also located 2 hours away from Tbilisi, and it will not take much time to travel to Bakuriani.

3. Kazbegi

Kazbegi (Stepantsminda) is attractive to visitors every season. It combines both historical attractions and entertaining sites for winter recreation. There are many hotels and guesthouses in Kazbegi, which are available at discount prices.

There are no ski tracks or cable cars in Stepantsminda, but you can have an adventurous vacation here. First of all, you must see Gergeti Trinity Church, which is a cultural and historical symbol of this region. You can also enjoy watching the glacier. Although you won't be able to hike on the glacier during winter. It's better to realize this plan in summer when the hiking season opens.

As for the transport, you can use your car or minibus. Also keep in mind that the Kobi-Gudauri section is closed during times of heavy snowfall, where there is often a risk of avalanches.

4. Mestia

Mestia municipality is one of the most mountainous areas in Georgia. It is located 2000 meters above sea level and is the main administrative center of the Svaneti region.

Recently the infrastructure has been organized in Mestia, and the road connecting Zugdidi and Mestia has been built. This made it easy to get to Mestia. There are flights from Mestia to Natakhtari and Mestia-Kutaisi.

This region is distinguished by its historical importance and unique nature. Arriving in Mestia, you will see the unique Svan towers, which have no analogs in the world.

To stay in Mestia, you can choose either a hotel or a guesthouse. The prices are affordable which is one more reason to visit this place. While visiting Mestia, you should not miss the chance to taste dishes from the Svan cuisine, which will leave you hypnotized.

5. Hatsvali

Hatsvali is a ski resort, which is also located in Svaneti, not far from Mestia, 8 km away. You can get here from Mestia by an asphalt road, which is cleaned in winter. There is also a cable car connecting Mestia-Hatsvali, which is closed in summer.

There are 5 ski tracks in Hatsvali, which are intended for both beginners and experienced, adventure enthusiasts. This resort is not distinguished by the abundance of hotels. There operate several food facilities. The resort is among the must-see places in Svaneti.

6. Tetnuldi

Tetnuldi is also a superb resort in Svaneti. It is located 15 kilometers from Mestia, about a 1-hour drive. To get there, you must arrive in Mestia first and then go to the resort.

This is a new resort in Georgia that has been active just for a few years. Part of the infrastructure is already arranged. There is the longest Transcaucasian ski track in Tetnuldi. There are also four cable cars. In the resort, you will find several restaurants and one hotel. This is why tourists prefer to stay in Mestia.

Here you can engage in many interesting activities. Paragliding, horse riding tours, skiing, and snowboarding are very popular at Tetnuldi. The resort is distinguished by new, large, and high-quality snow, which creates a perfect environment for skiing. Breathtaking views of Ushba and Tetnuldi peaks can be seen from the Tetnuldi resort.

7. Goderdzi

Goderdzi resort is located in mountainous Adjara, 252 km from Tbilisi. It is characterized by abundant precipitation due to its proximity to the sea. You can use your car or taxi to get to the resort, but if you decide to get here via Akhaltsikhe, keep in mind that this road is closed in winter due to heavy snow. The optimal solution is to get there from Batumi, where it takes 3 hours. From Tbilisi, it takes 10 hours.

Similar to Hatsvali, this resort has also been open for several years. There are hotels and cottages, several restaurants, and other food establishments. Unlike the famous winter resorts, Goderdzi is relatively cheap and less crowded.

As for activities, you can go skiing here, and during the summer season, you can hike in the surrounding areas and visit the cultural and historical attractions of the region.

8. Shovi

During the winter season, you should not miss the chance to visit Shovi resort. It is located in Oni municipality in the Racha-Lechkhumi region. Unlike the resorts listed above, Shovi is not a ski resort, but it is a very popular vacation spot in winter. Shovi, which is a climatic and balneological resort, is surrounded by the Caucasus Mountains and is famous for its healing factors, which are used to treat various diseases.

You can get to Shovi by car. The infrastructure in the resort is more or less organized and there are several hotels and guesthouses.

9. Borjomi

Borjomi is a famous resort located in the Samtskhe-Javakheti region. It is attractive for vacationers in every season, including winter. The unique nature of Borjomi, its healing mineral waters, and its well-equipped infrastructure make it popular at any time of the year.

You can get to Borjomi by public transport, car, and train. You can stay in hotels or guesthouses, which are numerous in Borjomi.

As for activities, you can go hiking in Borjomi. Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park offers unforgettable impressions to travelers. Borjomi is also distinguished by historical buildings and cultural monuments, which will make your trip more interesting.

10. Bakhmaro

Bakhmaro is located in Guria, Chokhatauri municipality, at about 2000 meters above sea level. It is a summer and winter resort. It is difficult to get there in winter if the weather is bad. There is no running water in the resort and the electricity often has problems. Nevertheless, Bakhmaro is appealing to vacationers in every season.

The resort has guesthouses and cottages with different price ranges. Several day tours are organized in Bakhmaro by travel companies, which will significantly reduce your expenses.

Bakhmaro has many unique characteristics. It is called "A kingdom of mists and clouds". Bakhmaro climate has healing properties and is used to treat pulmonary tuberculosis, bronchial asthma, hypotonia, and other diseases.

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