22 February, 2022

Sulfur Baths in Georgia

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Healthy living, wellness, and raising awareness are becoming increasingly important. The number of visitors to spa centers and baths is also increasing. Places that have been visited for balneotherapy, got the different functions long ago.

Sulfur baths are one of the best ways to take care of your physical and mental health. The abundance of mineral, sulfur waters and healing mud in Georgia give you the chance to do that. Today, more than 2,000 healing waters have been discovered in the area. Several types of medical and wellness spas among them, are attractive to both locals and foreign visitors.

Thus, if you decide to visit the sulfur baths for healing or relaxation, here are some great options.


One of the symbols of Tbilisi is Sulfur Baths, which are located in Abanotubani. A centuries-old place decorated with eastern, Persian ornaments preserves the history and creates a mystical atmosphere. Sulfur hot springs are located in the old part of Tbilisi, Abanotubani (literally, bath district), where according to historical sources, the construction of the city of Tbilisi began. The name is also connected with the location, which was called Seidabad afterward. Here, naturally hot mineral waters were flowing.

XVII-XIX centuries there were sulfur baths of Erekle, Bebuta, Melik, Sumbatov, ​​Gogilo, Orbeliani, Tbileli, Mirzoev, Khoja, Shioev, "Chreli" and other baths in Tbilisi. According to historical records, in XIII there were 65 mineral water baths in Tbilisi. Most of these baths have remained to this day.

Abanotubani is a perfect place for relaxation and unwinding with medical procedures. Chreli Abano (colorful bath) with an extraordinary facade is exactly the one. Here you will get both cold and hot sulfur baths. The rooms vary functionally and depend on the number of visitors. You can book on-site or in advance using the hotline. There is also a royal bath, which belongs to Abanotubani. Here you can try different types of sulfur baths. The Royal Bath with its unique interior attracts the attention of visitors. The walls, decorated with semi-domed roofs, colorful ornaments, and specific stones, seem to have an Iranian influence.

Lisi Bath

In 2014, on the site where natural thermal waters and baths existed, Lisi Bath was established and it continues functioning successfully up to this day. Several types of sulfur baths are found here. At the end of your pleasant relaxation, you can enjoy an unusual view of Lisi Lake on the bath terrace. Unlike the baths of Abanotubani, Lisi Bath is modern and has both separate rooms and a shared room with a sulfur pool for women. The Lisi Bath is built next to the lake, near the Lisi green space.

Dikhashkho Sulfur Geyser

Vani municipality is rich in internal waters and balneological resorts. There are located two resorts - Sulori and Amagleba, which are famous for their thermal and mineral waters. Dikhashkho sulfur basins are also very popular.

Dikhashkho sulfur basins are located in the village of Dikhashkho, Vani Municipality, Imereti Region, on the bank of the Sulori River, 180 meters above sea level, 6 kilometers from Vani.

Sulfur waters located there are rich in healing properties. The geysers and pools of Dikhashkho, in addition to their healing properties, are also distinguished by their beauty. It is also one of the most attractive sights in Van.

Dikhashkho is first mentioned in historical sources in the XVIII century, and in the village, there is a monastery named after the myrrh bearer nuns of Vashlari built in the same period.

Nokalakevi Sulfur Waters

Apart from being an architectural and historical building, Nokalakevi is also distinguished by its sulfur springs. This place is naturally unique. You can enjoy sulfur baths just right in nature, without going to spas, and baths. Nokalakevi sulfur waters are useful for treating allergies, skin diseases, rheumatism, and joints. The old town hosts a lot of vacationers during the summer.

Makhinjauri Sulfur Baths

Many people don't know that in Khelvachauri municipality, Makhinjauri, sulfur baths are arranged in an old sanatorium. Both local and foreign visitors can have healing procedures at the sulfur springs.

Borjomi Sulfur Pools

Borjomi Sulfur Pools is located in Borjomi Central Park. The unique sulfur baths are perfect for relaxing and bathing. Baths are popular, at any time of the year, for locals and visitors.

The Healing Properties of Sulfur Baths

Sulfur waters are of two types: warm and cold. Sulfur waters have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system and have an analgesic function. Sulfur water improves the condition of the musculoskeletal system, and the skin condition, and heals some endocrine diseases. In addition to diseases of the circulatory system, it is successfully used to treat diseases of the joints, spine, and peripheral nervous system, various skin and gynecological diseases, and more. Hydrogen sulfide water of different concentrations is used for treatment. The higher the hydrogen sulfide content is, the stronger is the water's effect, so you should have your doctor's recommendation on the hydrogen sulfide concentration and bath temperature. The temperature of the baths is relatively low at the beginning of the treatment and then increases (35-38 degrees). The duration of the procedure is about 8-15 minutes. The course of treatment consists of 12-15 baths. The sulfur waters of Tbilisi, with their chemical composition, constant outflow, and temperature, belong to sulfur-alkaline baths.

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