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Of Georgia’s regions Guria has the smallest territory. It is situated in the southwestern part of Georgia. Form east it is bordered by Imereti, from the west- by the Black Sea, from the south-  by Guria- Ajara range, and from the north- by the lowland of river Rioni. The region includes the municipalities of Ozurgeti, Lanchkhuti and Chokhatauri. The nature of the region and its climate is distinct thanks to the proximity of mountains and sea. There are plenty of citrus plantations and groves in Guria. From old times the region was famous for its diversity and unique grape varieties. The region is rich with historical past, polyphonic singing and traditions. (they sing four voices, where one of the voices is Krimanchuli). Guria is also very popular for its cousin. According to old traditions, while during Kalandoba (Christmas) the Gurians make chichilaki and bake Christmas Kverebi (Gurian variant of traditional Georgian cheese-pies- Khachapuri, but they add boiled eggs in it, so it’s even more delicious, than Khachapuri). The biggest wealth of Guria is water. Almost everywhere one can come across full-flowing Gurian rivers, crystal-clear springs, murmuring brooks, mineral healing waters and so on… Making holiday and getting treatment in the region is possible on the seaside, on the highest spot in the mountains, in spa resorts rich with mineral waters. Lovers of active vacations have opportunity to enjoy kayaking of engaging in fishing, hunting or rafting... 

Lake Paliastomi is located in Western Georgia, on the coastline of Black sea, in  the Kolkheti lowland, in the environs of the town of Poti. By its area this is the third largest lake in Georgia.  The name of the lake is of Greek origin. This lake never freezes. Lake Paliastomi is a major facility of the Kolkheti national park. In Guria there is located the Middle Age Shemokmedi Monastery Complex, in 8 km to the south-west from  the town of Ozurgeti. The complex consists of three monuments: XVI century bell tower, and two attached cathedrals - XII century Basilica of Deity and a dome church called Zarzma. This last one is world-wide known for mellifluous choristers. Between Kobuleti and Ureki is situated village of Shekvetili. This is the seaside resort with magnetic sand beach and the pine-tree grove. Swimming season starts in May, when water temperature is 17 degrees, and lasts until mid-October.  Velvet magnetic sand of Shekvetili, crystal clear sea water, beaming sun and a light breeze from the sea enriched with aromas of coniferous trees create excellent conditions for quiet holidays and revival of health. I should also mention, that Guria is a time-honoured region of horse riding traditions.  Lanchkhuti Local History Museum is home to images portraying trip of Gurian riders to Europe and America. Main entertaining in Guria is a theme-park “Tsitsinatela”, on the territory of Shekvetili. Here holidaymakers can enjoy up to 40 attractions and various entertainment centers: bowling centre, carting ground, “the Hall of Distorting Mirrors”, music fountain, up to 100 amusement slot machines and others. People even from Batumi and Kobuleti used to come here to have fun.

In Ozurgeti municipality, on the Northern slope of Meskheti range, on the elevation of 1940 m from sea level, one more health resort- Gomismta is situated. Climate of the resort is recommended for curing cardiovascular system and respiratory tracts diseases. Several kilometers away is Chinchao lake, on which environs snow never melts. Gomismta has been targeted for construction of winter resort.

41.996482, 42.062624
Distance from the Capital
290 km (180.2 mi)
Gomis Mta, Guria, sunset
Gomi Mountain

Gomi Mountain is a mountainous summer resort in Guria, where sea and mountain weather merges togethe...

Chinchao lake, Guria
Chinchao Lake

Chinchao Lake is a crater-like origin lake, which is located in Guria, at 2500 meters from the sea l...

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Chinchao Lake is a crater-like origin lake, which is located in Guria, at 2500 meters from the sea level.The lake is not very big, but it’s very beaut...

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