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Kvareli is located in Kakheti, at the left bank of river ALazani, from the west side there is river Duruji, and from the east- river Bursa. Kvareli is known as the “eye of Kakheti”. So, if you decide to visit Kvareli, I advise you to see one of the natural remarkable sights: “the huge stone”. It is situated at the north of Kvareli, on the left bank of river Duruji. It is interesting, as the weight of Stone is 160 tonnes. It is a result of river Duruji flooding (in 1889). The flooding repeated several times, so later, they built there 5,5 kilometers length and 7 metre height stone dam. And exactly that dam is nowadays one of the most popular tourist places in Kvareli. There is also very famous seawall, which was built to suspend this wild river.

There is also Kvareli balneological resort at 8 kilometers from Kvareli. The resort is adorned with cute cottages. You can visit that resort to cure your health and rest, as there are two types of mineral waters.

Oh, and you shouldn’t forget about the Kvareli Wine -Vanult. I love this place most of all, as this is cut in the cave, and in this cave there a big tunnel, which are known as the “front rocks”. They created here man-made underground wine -vanults, which can contain about 3 million bottles. As a result of natural ventilation, the constant temperature is +14-15°C. Millions of viticulturists come here and write down their expressions in magazines, as this labyrinth of wine make them feel wonderful. Also, I should mention, that the first mine drift of this tunnel is connected to a degustation hall with a lift.

Now, let me tell you about my first expressions, when I first saw Ilia Lake in the gorge of river Duruji, in the region of Kvareli. This lake was made 2 years ago, and is an artificial lake. This is a very interesting architectural masterpiece. It is exactly located in the unique zone of Kindzmareuli. The lake itself is surrounded by broad leafed forests, and from the other side, there is resting place, with great parks, cafes, restaurants and the unbelievably beautiful hotel, which is like a dream castle. It was my first year of university and we were sent there to have fun and rest and I was astonished, as there were everything, young people would love to. The most of all, I loved bicycle renting. You can rent a bike for 5 GEL an hour and walk around the lake, among fresh air of threes, magic views of a lake, reflecting fairy castle in it.

About 8 kilometers from Kvareli, there is famous Nekresi Monastery Complex, on the mountain of Nekresi. This complex is a very interesting place, as this is the remainder of ancient town here, and has its own style. I’m going to warn you, that on the way to Nekresi, if its hot day, you may come across some snakes, or the old skin of snake… but there’s nothing to worry about.

You will be astonished also, if you visit the Money Museum in Kvareli- yes, this is exactly the only museum of money… You can discover money history of Georgia. The museum works from 0 09:00 to 18:00. And one very important thing: you can by the production made from National Bank (by cash or by card).

Other things to see in Kvareli:

  • In the heart of Kvareli, there is located Ilia Chavchavadze Kvareli State Museum, which consist of three-storied expository hall…
  • In front of Ilia Chavchavadze Kvareli State Museum, there is "Pivnoi", a great place for beer lovers, as usual, they watch football games and drink together.
  • At 30 meters from Kvareli there is Kvareli the Baptist Temple, which is also the mausoleum of Chavchavadze clan.
  • If you love theatre, you can visit the Kote Marjanishvili State Museum in Kvareli, which is the house of one of the famous Georgian director and theatre reformer.
  • In the heart of the city, there is also great Kvareli Fortress, which is built in the XVI-XVIII centuries.
  • The most beautiful Shumi Wine Factory
  • Wine-hub (where you can taste most delicious cheeze with wine)
  • Old, half ruined Churches
  • Tsinandali Edemi - wine vanult, as beautiful, as Edemi garden should be (in the years there are vine everywhere)
  • Radisson Blue Iveria is being built there and will host many tourists, who love glamour resting hotels.
  • In Mukhiani there is a very huge and virgin forest. If it's hot everywhere, you can get there and have a great picnic.
  • There are more than 5 wine factories.
  • There is one market, which wortks till 02:00 am, and you can pay here by card.
41.946995, 45.813728
Distance from the Capital
133 km (82.64 mi)
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