26 Lakes in Georgia

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Kakhisi Lake
Kakhisi Lake

Kakhisi lake is located near Borjomi town. You can get there by 4X4 car, or by walking. This place i...

tba orwyali ortskali lake
Lake Ortskali

Lake Ortskali is located in Tusheti protected areas at the elevation of the 2840 meters above sea le...

მწვანე ტბა, აჭარა - Green Lake, Adjara
Mtsvane Tba

Mtsvane Tba is located in Achara in Khulo municipality on the north side of the Arsiani mountain ran...

გაბზარული ტბა - Gabzaruli Tba (Cracked Lake)
Gabzaruli Lake

Gabzaruli Lake - The natural monument is located in Imereti, Tskaltubo municipality, in the villag...

მარტოტის ტბა Lake Martoti
Martoti Lake

Lake Martoti is located in Kakheti region specifically in Lagodekhi municipality on the Caucasus mou...

ქორულდის ტბები, სვანეთი - qoruldi lakes, Svaneti
Koruldi lakes

The lakes of Koruldi - located in Upper Svaneti, in Mestia, at 2850 m above sea level. The lake...

მრავალწყაროს წყალსაცავი ( ტბა ) - Mravaltskharo reservoir, lake
Mravaltskaro Reservoir

Mravaltskaro Reservoir - also known as Mravaltskaro lake is located in Gareja desert, Kvemo Kar...

წეროს ტბა, ბორჯომი - Tsero lake, Borjomi
Tsero Lake

Tsero Lake - Lake in Georgia which is located in the Borjomi Municipality, in the village of Dabadzv...

Jaji lake, Chokhatauri
Lake Jaji

Lake is located on the south slope of the Meskheti Range at the 2655 MSL.  The lake is at the crossr...

Abudelauri lakes, Khevsureti
White Lake of Abudelauri

The White Lake of Abudelauri is located in Khevsureti at the top of the gorge  of the river Abu...

Abudelauri blue lake, Khevsureti
Blue Lake of Abudelauri

The Abudelauri Blue Lake is located in Khevsureti at the top of the gorge  of the river Abudelauri a...

Abudelauri green lakes, Khevsureti
Green Lake of Abudelauri

The Abudelauri Green Lake is located in Khevsureti at the top of the gorge  of the river Abudel...