Europe Square (Tbilisi), მოედანი Europe Square (Tbilisi), მოედანი

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Best time to visit: All Season

Europe Square is located in the southern part of Rike, between Metekhi and wine ascent, between Noe Jordania embankment and the Metekhi Bridge. A monument to Georgian public figure and founder of Georgian cognac production - David Sarajishvili stands on the square. Tbilisi popular sights such as Metekhi Temple and Darejan Palace are located near Europe Square. Here you will also visit the characteristic architecture of old Tbilisi. Here are samples of modern architecture - the Peace Bridge and Rike Park, where you can relax, have fun and climb the Narikala by cable car. If you cross the Metekhi Bridge, you will reach Meidan and you will have the opportunity to visit Abanotubani, the Blue Mosque and other sights of Old Tbilisi. The Tbilisi History Museum is also close. There are many cafe-bars, restaurants and hotels around Europe Square, where you can have a good time and taste Georgian cuisine. Excellent views of Tbilisi, colorful carpets or carved balconies make the area around the square very attractive.

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