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I am Giorgi Natenadze with 6 years of experience in guiding. My hobby is travel. Accordingly, I have been actively involved in the field of tourism for the last 6 years. I organize tours in Georgia and abroad in any direction. Main directions: Adventure, cognitive, cultural and active tours, which are quite diverse and interesting.

I always try to take into account the wishes of the customer and make the trip more interesting. I will be happy if we plan the desired route together and we will implement it successfully


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Ninutsa Kavrelishvili

ვინც ერთხელ მაინც ყოფილამასთან ერთად არ მოიწყენს, უდაოდ კარგი გიდია, მცონე, გამოცდილი, მხიარული

Nini Bokuchava

საუკეთესოთა შორის საუკეთესო!✋✨

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