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BORJOMI-KHARAGAULI NATIONAL PARK is the first protected area in the Caucasus of its status. It was set up in the XXth century. It’s located in central Georgia, in the west from Tbilisi, within the distance of 140 km. nowadays it is regarded as the largest protected area in Europe. If you decide to visit that park, believe me, you will be satisfied and never regret that travel. A great journey is waiting for you, full of unforgettable emotions, inspirations, discovering the wild nature. You will never feel sated with wandering here, or looking at those picturesque panoramas all around you. You may say, this is a real Green Heaven. And the story of its foundation is really very interesting.. It’s told, that every cloud has a silver light, that’s exactly how it happened, when Georgia became the part of Russia. The viceroy Michael Romanov liked that place very much and decided to lay out here a great summer residence. From now on there was banned hunting and cutting the trees. That’s how was found Borjomi National Reserve here. Later, in 1995 the World Wide Fund for Nature, within the Deutsch Government named that place officially National Park.. 
Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park is the first park which has international standards in the whole region of Caucasus.

Here you can see 11 Trails : 

1. Nicholas Romanov's Trail- Here you can roam around the pine-tree forests, see the Lomi Mountain, Lomi St. GiorgiChurch. The rout is 43 km and every step you take here leads you to new adventures. Here you can come across those rarely known trees, which are in the Georgian Red List.

2. St. Andrea the Apostle's Trail- which takes you to the highest peak of the National Park, called Sametskhvario (which means the Shepherds place). Also, you can see the Iron Cross Mountain. During the day you can just stand and watch the magical creatures of the nature, those giant wide-brimmed trees, which may take your breath away. It’s hard to find such beautiful place.

3. Panorama Trail- this is a circular trail, here is wild goats’ cage. The main reason of it is to breed those dying out pieces in wild nature again. That trail is special not only with its views and nature, but also, here you will come across animals’ footprints and seeing them is one of the most loveliest process for travelers. Such footprints are, for example: the Noble Deer (Cervus Elaphus), the Bear (Urus Actors), the Wolf (Canis Lupus). Also, you can see the shepherd’s little cabins and study their lifestyle.

4. The Untouched Forest Trail is one of the hardest trail for hikers.
5. Zekari Overpass Trail- the route starts in the Abastumani guard station.
6. Footprint Trail- here you can see the rarest trees, like Utkhovara (Táxusbaccáta), which is in the Georgian Red List. It has the longest life among the Europian trees.
7. National Park Information Trail- along the trail you will meet St. Nino Church, and most beautiful views of Borjomi. Alongside the trail one can enjoy picnics.
8. Mughruki Valley- this is the bridle path, with medium comlexity.
9. Shepherd’s Trail- along the way you will meet shepherd’s little wooden summer cabins,where they shelter domestic cattle in summer.
10. The Snow Shoes Trail- one of the most popular trails among the hikers.

and the last one is : 11. Likani Gorge Trail- this is the best place, if you don’t have much time, but want to see the rich biological variety and panoramic views.

To sum up, Borjomi-Kharagauli Park is unexhausted phenomenon, where time after time you will find out new masterpiece of nature, new emotion, new endless beauty, time will never be enough to see everything here. So just take your bag and put your sneakers and go!

41.837124, 43.370998
Distance from the Capital
160 km (99.42 mi)
Recommended duration
2 hours 15 minutes

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Customer questions & answers

Masha Tsiklauri
Masha Tsiklauri

Hello there, great website!
Is Borjomi - Kharagauli National Park open in the Winter? Any time or days in the week it's closed at all?
And if it's open - what are the hours?
is there a phone number tourists can call and find out all the info about park hours and all that?
I have a house in Patara Mitarbi that we rent to tourists sometimes so that's why I would like to know.
And hope to visit with my family this summer.
Thank you very much!

Masha Tsiklauri
Masha Tsiklauri

Oh, and please reply back to my email: mashamulti@gmail.com

Ucha Gviniashvili
Ucha Gviniashvili

Yes, it's open in winter. You can get more information here:


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