Jeep Tour in the Gareja desert

ფერადი მთები, უდაბნო - Colorful mountains, Desert, Udabno დავითგარეჯა ( დავით გარეჯის სამონასტრო კომპლექსი ) - David Gareja monastery complex გარეჯის საბერეები - David Gareji Cave, Sabereebi, gareji desert გარეჯის იოანე ნათლისმცემლის მონასტერი - Ioane Natlismcemeli Monastery გარეჯის წამებულის მონასტერი - Gareji Tsamebuli monastery

About Jeep Tour in the Gareja desert

Best time to visit: All Season

This is a one-day route in the Gareja Desert, which will allow you to visit the most interesting and unknown places of Gareji desert:

It is best to start the journey as early as possible because the route includes different sights and it takes about 10-12 hours on average.



Part one

The route begins in the city of Tbilisi and passes through the city of Rustavi to the Gareji desert. The first stop is the colorful mountains and reservoirs of Mravaltskaro. You will have to walk a little to get closer to the mountains. If we decide to climb on the mountain, we may need a few hours to do it. After the colorful mountains, the route will pass through the monasteries of Tsamebuli and John the Baptist and head to the David Gareja Monastery. The Tsamebuli monastery is made up of monk cells, carved in rocks and you have to take a walk to see it.
Just a kilometer before the David Gareji Monastery, you can see from the road the right pillar like the fortress this is the Chichkhituri Monastery. Then you will go to David Gareji Monastery where the first part of the tour ends. Have a good look at this beautiful complex, have some snack and get ready to visit the Gareji cave monasteries.


Part two

The route from the David Gareji monastery will pass through the village of Udabno and goes through an old, abandoned road to the Gareji cave monasteries. Use a GPS device in this section in order to stay on the right route, because you can not find signs here and sometimes you can not identify a way as it is merged with nature.
Gareji cave monasteries are like the Tsamebuli monastery, which is a cave carved complex that stretches over a few kilometers. Most of them are painted and have a form of church. But be careful, the access paths do not meet any safety standards and the inexperienced person may be damaged. Do not use high-heel shoes, pick suitable shoes for difficult relief.


This route is recommended to visit in dry weather because it is not asphalted and in the rainy weather, you can drive only specially design 4X4 machines for mud. In dry weather, any car can go through this route.

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Duration: 1 day
Total distance: 225 km
Difficulty: Easy
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