Kojori, Kabeni Monastery and Kabeni Wateralls

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About Kojori, Kabeni Monastery and Kabeni Wateralls

Best time to visit: Spring, Summer, Autumn

If you are looking for a hiking route near Tbilisi, the Kojori-Kabeni Monastery-Kabeni waterfall trail is just for you. The route is of an easy category and it's 11 km long. During the hike, you will come across the Kojori fortress, which offers a wonderful panoramic view of the Tetritskaro Municipality. You will also meet the Kabeni Monastery, which dates back to the XIII century. Waterfalls and beautiful nature are the main attractions of the route.

The route starts in the small town of Kojori and goes to the Kojori fortress. You can get to Kojori either by your own car or by public transport. With your own car, you can drive directly to the Kojori Fortress, and in the case of public transport, you have to walk 1.5 km from the road to the Kojori Fortress. After the Kojori fortress, the route continues towards the Kabeni Monastery.

The trail to the Kabeni Monastery partially runs along the forest and then goes along the rocky slope and descends to the monastery. The hiking trail is simple, although the route is not marked. Not far from the Kabeni Monastery there are three waterfalls, which are called the Kabeni waterfalls.

Kabeni waterfalls are located in the valley of the Asuretistskali river. The trail leading to the waterfall is not blazed, therefore it is necessary to use a GPS navigator. On the trail, towards the waterfalls, there are tall shrubs, so we recommend wearing comfortable shoes and long trousers to avoid nettle sting and scratches from various plants. Two out of the three Kabeni waterfalls are located on the same route, and to reach the third waterfall, you need to go to the opposite side of the gorge of the river Asuretistskali. Near the third waterfall, there is a relatively flat spot where you can have a small picnic. It should also be noted, that among the three waterfalls, the surroundings of the last one are the cleanest.

After visiting the waterfalls and the Kabeni Monastery, you can either return by the same route or continue your journey and visit the Ghoubani Monastery, and from there return to the Kojori fortress or visit the village of Ghoubani.

As mentioned above, the trail is of easy category, however, without markers. It is ideal for day trips.

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Rozita Vanian
Rozita Vanian

მანდ სადმე შეიძლება კოცონის დანთება თუ აკრძალულია?

Rati Japaridze
Rati Japaridze

და კაბენის სამი ჩანჩქერი რატომაა რუკაზე?

Mariam Pirashvili
Mariam Pirashvili

რადგანაც მაგ მონაკვეთზე სამი სხვადასხვა ჩანჩქერია.

Rati Japaridze
Rati Japaridze

ჰიფსომეტრული რუკის გაკეთება და განთავსება შეგიძლიათ? საინტერესო იქნებოდა დანახვა რა სიმაღლიდან გიწევს ჩამოსვლა და მერე აღმართზე ასვლა ჩანჩქერებისკენ

Davit Merabishvili
Davit Merabishvili

მომავალში ვაპირებთ, თუმცა ამ ეტაპზე შეგიძლიათ ტოპო შრეზე გადართოდ და იქ ნახოთ სიმაღლეთა სხვაობა.

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Zurabi Chipchiuri


Aleksandr Markovich

Ходил со стороны Кикети, обратный подъем показался не самым простым, но оно того стоило. Общее время в пути - 2,5 часа.

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