27 January, 2022

10 Most Sunning Waterfalls in Georgia

Although there are 5 months left before summer and visiting waterfalls is associated with summertime, it is still good to know about astonishing waterfalls. As in other countries, there are many such places in Georgia. The country is rich in nature and historical and cultural monuments.

The waterfall is associated with summer. It is a perfect way to escape from the noise and heat of the city. The waterfall is noisy and chaotic in its own way, but the environment that surrounds it makes the visitors feel the peace; Rocks and mountains, from where the waterfall flows and joins the river with a monotonous noise.

If you continue to travel and discover new places in Georgia, this list will be useful for you. We tell you about 10 beautiful waterfalls in Georgia.

1. Oniore Waterfall

Toba Cave and Oniore Waterfall flowing from it will amaze the guest with a wonderful sight. The underground river coming out of the cave forms a 67-meter-high Oniore waterfall. Oniore Waterfall - is a 67-meter high waterfall and is located in Martvili Municipality, Samegrelo, Toba Gorge, at 680 meters above sea level. The Oniore Natural Monument Complex is a combination of a cave and a waterfall flowing from it.

2. Samtsvera waterfall

Samtsvera Waterfall is located on river Dzusa, in the village of Sazano, in Zestaponi municipality, Imereti, and is not familiar to many people. Yet it is a special spectacle. It is situated 170 meters above sea level.

Although the number of visitors to Kinchkha or Waterfall of Love is much higher, Samtsvera Waterfall is still visited by many people in summer. Here you can swim in the river Dzusa and also have a nice time in nature.

3. Kinchkha Waterfall - Okatse Waterfall

Okatse Canyon is very popular among visitors no doubt. And the Kinchkha Waterfall located here leaves a lifelong impression on tourists. it is located in the valley of the River Satsiskvilo. It is a cascade of three-step waterfalls flowing from the eastern cliff of the Askha limestone massif. The upper two steps are on the right tributary of the river Satsiskvilo. After the flow connects to the river, the third step of the cascade, about 35 m high, is formed in 20 meters.

The waterfall is located in Khoni municipality, near the village of Kinchkha.

Okatse (Kinchkha) Waterfall - is one of the largest waterfalls in Georgia. The Agency for Protected Areas organized the new ecotourism infrastructure on the natural monument - paths, and platforms that will make it safer and more comfortable to visit.

4. Gurgeniani Waterfall

Gurgeniani same as the Ninoskhevi Waterfall is located on river Ninoskhevi, 8 km away from Gurgeniani, Lagodekhi, Kakheti region. It is situated 850 meters above sea level. Its height is 40 meters. Gurgeniani is one of the most popular places with a number of visitors. The best time to visit it is spring and summer. You can even look at the top of the waterfall and watch how the river Ninoskhevi flows from a 40-meter rock. However, the path to the waterfall is not so easy. On the way, you may have to cross the river several times as the water level rises in the spring. Mostly, you will have to walk on wet boulders and stones, so it is advisable to use hiking boots.

5. Waterfall of Love

Waterfall of Love - Heart-shaped waterfall, located in Racha, in particular in Ambrolauri municipality. While visiting Ambrolauri, you should visit this unique-looking waterfall as well.

The waterfall of Love is situated about 560 meters above sea level. The waterfall flows over a mossy rock mass and creates a spectacular view. It is especially famous for its heart-shaped entrance cave. This name was given because of the shape of the cave. Waterfall of Love is one of the most popular sights in Racha and attracts many visitors.

6. Statue and Waterfall of the Apostle Andrew the First-Called

Statue and waterfall of the apostle Andrew the First-Called is located in Sarpi, Khelvachauri municipality, Adjara.

The monument is dedicated to the historical fact of the entry of St. Andrew the First-Called to Georgia. According to the legend, he entered Georgia with this road.

Christianity was first spread in Adjara by one of the disciples of Christ, Andrew the First-Called.

7. Makhuntseti Waterfall

It is one of the most visited waterfalls in Georgia. It is located in Adjara, in the village of Makhuntseti, Keda Municipality, at an altitude of 335 meters above sea level. A 50-meter-high waterfall flows into a small tributary, which creates a rather large whirlpool.

The waterfall can be reached by car or minibus, as it is located close to the road and can be visited at any time of the year.

8. Ushba Waterfall

If we have the most affluent river (Rioni River), the same can be said about the waterfalls. Ushba Waterfall (Shdugra) is the most affluent waterfall in Georgia. It is located in Svaneti, near the village of Mazeri. It is possible to reach it both from the bottom and from the top of it - if you go from the top you will be able to see the beautiful landscapes of Svaneti.

The walking distance is about 3 km (one way), and if you want to get to the top of the waterfall you will have to walk an additional 3 km. The last section is a trail of medium difficulty and you will also have to cross a river, but the place you reach is worth it.

9. Juta Waterfall

Juta Waterfall flows in the village of Juta, Sno community, Stepantsminda (Kazbegi) municipality, Mtskheta-Mtianeti region.

The waterfall flows on several steps from a height of 10 meters, near Chaukhebi Mountain and Lake Tina. The distance from Lake Tina (Juta) to Juta Waterfall is very short.

10. Twin Waterfalls

Twin Waterfalls is located in Adjara, Khelvachauri Municipality, in the village of Adjara, in Machakhela National Park, at 735 meters above sea level.

Two waterfalls run from a height of 47 meters, which creates a spectacular and stunning environment. There are mixed, deciduous, and coniferous forests around.

There is a trail to the waterfall, on which anyone can walk. At the end of the trail, there is a picnic area.

This place was discovered by the locals about 20 years ago and the name was given by them because both waterfalls are located side by side.

To get to the waterfalls you will need to walk along the trail, which takes about 10 minutes from the main road of the village of Kokoleti.

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