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About Karsani-Armazi gorge

Best time to visit: Autumn

What will we see?

If autumn colors are especially beautiful and attractive for you, then you can enjoy its views here, near Tbilisi, in particular in the Armazi gorge. It is true that hiking in these places can be done at any time of the year due to its simplicity, but in autumn the environment offers magnificent colors. The route starts from the road connecting Mtskheta-Tbilisi and goes to the village of Karsani by a dirt road. At the beginning of the route, you can visit Armaztsikhe (Bagineti) from Parnavaz-era. After the village of Karsani, the trail goes up to the st. Nino Church and Fathers' Monastery located on top of the mountain, from where there are spectacular views of Mtskheta, Mtkvari gorge, Saguramo, Zedazeni and their surroundings. Then you go to Armazi Fortress, which will travel you to Georgia in the past. Continue the road in the valley of the river Armaziskhevi and enter the village Armazi by the path. You will be able to camp near the castle and fill the water from a small stream in the ravine.

Basic technical information

The total distance of the route is 7.7 kilometers and you have to climb 480 meters and land 460 meters. The highest point is located at 960 meters above sea level, from where there are extraordinary views. It is possible to walk the route in one day with light equipment, however, in order to get well-familiar with the environment, you can go hiking for 2 days. The trail starts from the road connecting Mtskheta to Tbilisi, turns west towards the village of Karsani, then climbs to the top of the mountain, where St. Nino Church is located. You continue the way to Armazi Fortress and at the end you reach the village of Armazi by the path.

Difficulty: Easy

This route is a simple category. The trail initially leads to a dirt road to the village of Karsana, and from Armazi Fortress the trail enters the village of Armazi. The exception is the middle section of the route, where you have to cross a short unpaved section and a steep slope.


The campsite is located near Armazi Fortress, where you will be able to set up a tent and spend the night. You will also collect firewood to light a bonfire, and fill a jar with water from a small ravine, that then joins the Armaziskhevi River. This place is surrounded by deciduous forest and gets especially beautiful in autumn.


If you decide to go on the route for 2 days you will need a hiking backpack, tent, mat, hiking boots and sleeping bag, hiking sticks if desired. You should have 1-1.5 liters of water with you, it is possible to fill it on the spot. You will also need food for two days.



Day 1

The route starts from Mtskhet-Tbilisi connecting road and turns to village Karsani. You can cover first 3.5 km by the jeep or other off-road vehicle, so there is only 2.5km left to Armazi Fortress. There is a good trail till the St. Nino Church, however after the church, part of the road to the fortress is traceless. On the 2.5 km you have to cross the small river Armaziskhevi and climb a little hill. You can camp near Armazi Fortress, where you can fill up water and have a campfire. On the first day you have to cover 6 km, which needs only 2-3 hours. You take 480 meters height and descent 240 meters. During your walk you can enjoy the most beautiful views on Mtskheta and its surroundings.


Day 2

On the second day you continue the road in river Armaziskhevi gorge on a well seen trail, which joins Zahesi-Mtskheta-Gori highway. There is only 1.7 km to cover on this day. During your hike you can enjoy the beautiful nature around you, at any season of the year. If you are not too tired, we advice you to visit Armazi Virgin Mary Monastery Complex.


You can arrive to the starting point by any kind of transport. You can drive there by car, or take a minibus from Didube Bus Station to Mtskheta and get down at the village Krsani turn. In the village Armazi, the road is connected to Zahesi-Mtskheta-Gori highway, so to cover this distance you can hitchhike or drive a minibus to Tbilisi.

Tags: #hiking #trekking #Backpacking #Adventure Tour
Recommended duration: 2 days
Total distance: 7.7 km
Difficulty: Easy

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