If you love wild, untouched nature and not afraid of difficulties, then this route is for you. The lake is located at 3081 meters above sea level, on the keli highland. Getting here is just possible by foot. No one dares to go there by horseback. This is why the lake is the wildest and untouched.

 Hiking start from the Truso valley. You hike to the volcano plateau of the Khorisar where you can enjoy a beautiful wild camping place with a huge straight field and a blooming grass. Water is not a problem because the little river flows in this place. The river goes out in August, however you can still find water at the bottom of the ridge where there is a shepherd’s home

Now you will start the climbing on the Khorisari pass, which is one of the most difficult passes in Georgia. Its height reaches 3550 meters, which is 150 meters higher than the Atsunta Pass. You should ascend another 200 meter in order to get to the peak of the Khorisari. If you are lucky to have good weather, you must climb to the peak and look at the world from 3756 meters. From the peak you are able to see lake Kelitsadi, mountain resort Gudauri, peak Deda Ena, peak Sherkhota, peak Mkinvartsveri and lot of beautiful places.

It's about 2 hours walking away from the pass to the lake, but it is quite dangerous for you to be in the fog and in the white Aragvi gorge. It is recommended to use the GPS device to control the location.

There is the good wild camping place near the lake. During August-September the lake itself is the only source of the water. This place is covered by snow for almost nine months.