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About Tsageri

Tsageri Municipality is located in Racha-Lechkhumi and Kvemo Svaneti region. The traces of human life in the area date back to ancient times, from the Stone Age, as evidenced by the stone and flint agricultural, household and fighting items found here. In the bronze and iron ages there was one of the most powerful metallurgical hubs in Tsageri. From ancient times, the international caravan route was passing here, which connected the Black Sea town of Phasis with the peoples of the North Caucasus. The region was also developed in the middle ages, as evidenced by the numerous churches and fortresses that remained in the municipality. Royal and princely families, which were pursued by enemies, often took refuge in Tsageri and it was also used to protect the royal treasure, as it was a very well-preserved place with its terrain as well as fortresses and towers. In “Kartlis Tskhovreba” the well-known Khvamli Mountain located in Tsageri is mentioned that confirms the existence of a royal treasure in Lechkhumi. Nowadays, there is functioning a theatre, museum, cinema, art gallery, house of culture and other cultural and educational institutions. The food industry is developed in the region. There are wine and fruit processing plants. Beekeeping is also popular in the municipality. Tsageri attracts many tourists with its amazing nature, myths, and interesting cultural monuments. This region is one of the special and impressive places for travel lovers.

Geography and Climate

Tsageri municipality is located in Racha-Lechkhumi and Kvemo Svaneti region. Its administrative center is the city of Tsageri. The municipality is bordered by Lentekhi to the north, Ambrolauri to the east, Tskaltubo to the south, Khoni and Martvili to the west. Tsageri Municipality is mainly a territory of medium and low height ridges, caves and deep narrow valleys. The highest place of the region is Tsekuri Mountain (3173m). In the municipality there are canyon narrows, mineral and spring waters and waterfalls. Tsageri is distinguished by its diverse flora and fauna. Throughout the municipality chestnut-hornbeam forest and yellow azalea underbrush is spread. At 800-1000 meters and above we find Colchian type forests. Chestnut, oak, hornbeam, maple, lime, beech, spruce, fir, etc. are common in the region. Here the forests are inhabited by: bears, wolves, foxes, lynx, roe deer, marten, squirrels, badgers, chamois, wild boars and more. There is an average mountain climate in Tsageri municipality. The location of the mountains Khvamli and Askhi in the south and west provide different microclimate compared to other places in western Georgia. Average annual air temperature is + 11.4 °C, in January - 0 °C, and in July + 22 ° C.

What to see

Tsageri municipality is distinguished by its beautiful nature and interesting cultural and historical monuments. Cliffs, valleys, waterfalls and amazing views create a great impression on the viewer. The mystical and legendary Khvamli mountain is very popular, where the mythical Prometheus was chained. The favourite place for hikers is Askhi massif, from which opens a beautiful and extensive view. Special places are also Kulbaki lakes, Sairme pillars and waterfalls of Rachkha and Chkumi. You can also visit many cultural attractions in Tsageri. Goni St. George Church, Tskheta St. George Church, Muri Fortress, Orbeli Fortress and many others are noteworthy. Historical monuments of various periods are important cultural heritage and tell many interesting stories. Historical museum is functioning in Tsageri. Materials which are preserved in museum cover periods from the Early Bronze Age to the Middle Ages. Here you will find bronze figures, ammunition and agricultural weapons, numismatic artifacts, church items and other interesting exhibits. In the region there are resorts, Lashichala and Akhalchala, where you will be able to enjoy a pleasant stay in a great environment.


Khvamli Mountain

Askhi Massif

Kulbaki Lakes

Sairme pillars

Rachkhi Waterfall

Chkumi Waterfall

Cultural Monuments

Goni St. George Church

Muri Fortress

Tskheta St. George Church

Orbeli Fortress

Tabori Transfiguration Church

Basilica of the Gvesa Village





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