Miranda Aghapishvili


French speaking cultural/hiking guide. I have been a certified cultural guide since 2007, and since 2013, I have been planning, implementing and leading one-day, two-day and multi-day tourist routes in the territory of Georgia, including Tusheti, Khevsureti, Svaneti, Kakheti, Kartli, etc. I hosted about 500 international tourists in Georgia from France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, etc.

As an expert, I participated in the creation of technical regulations on the planning and marking of hiking trails, and I also cooperate with various organizations in the creation of professional standards in the field of tourism, such as the professional standard of hiking. In 2015, I founded a local tourism company, which aims to promote local development through the development of hiking routes. Founder/Director of the company "Caucasiana Tours", known as Expérience Géorgie.

Papers, publications

"Technical Regulations for Planning and Marking of Footpaths" - the author of the idea of creating a Georgian standard, initiator of the project and co-author of the text. 2015-2016

Master's thesis in French: "The role of hiking tourism in the development of high mountain regions". Apr. 2014

Membership in professional associations and international organizations:

• Member of the International Board of the World Trails Network (WTF), 2020

• Member of the Georgian Mountaineering Association (GMGA) 2018-2021

• Member of professional class of GMGA -Trekking Guides.



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