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10 Best Places to Visit in Guria

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You must have heard a lot about Guria, a coastal region in western Georgia. However, it is especially distinguished by its fun Gurian dialect and Gurian humor. Guests are especially welcomed in Guria. You will notice it once you visit. Gurians, Gurian folklore, cuisine and should not forget the nature, the great part of which are alpine resorts, which make this region interesting.

It is due to the rich climate of this region (the ideal combination of sea and mountain air) that people of all tastes, regardless of whether they prefer to relax in the mountains or on the sea, will find the desired place here: cool forests, mineral waters, alpine meadows, sandy beaches.

The coastal areas are characterized by a humid subtropical climate, with moderately hot, wet summers and moderately cold winters. Guria occupies a 25 km long Black Sea coastline, and a considerable part of it is located in the subtropical zone. Nevertheless, Guria is considered a mountainous region.

And to say short, it is difficult to pick out the must-see places in Guria, same as all around Georgia. However, we still introduce you to 10 must-see sights in Guria, that you won't regret visiting.


The healing role of Bakhmaro is well-known to everyone. It is an alpine resort, like Gomi Mountain. Its healing properties come from nature, in particular from coniferous forests with healing effects. The characteristics of the Bakhmaro mountain climate, that have a positive impact on the organism are low atmospheric pressure, a combination of sea and mountain air, solar radiation, especially the high intensity of ultraviolet radiation, ionized air, temperature, humidity, plants.

It is located on the Meskheti ridge at 2050 meters above sea level. Here the sea and mountain climate merge. The Bakhmaro area is a kind of structural basin surrounded by spruce and fir evergreen forests. If you visit this place you should not miss the sunset and sunrise hill, which is called Gadrekili. The mountain is known to tourists as "Sunrise Hill". The mountain Gadrekili is a few kilometers away from Bakhmaro. In the evenings the tourists go to the tents and meet the sunrise, that is an amazing spectacle - the sun rises "from the sea of ​​clouds". Watching a sunset is very exciting too.

Do not forget that the season lasts until August 19 and ends with horse racing. Every year traditional horse race is held on the Feast of the Transfiguration.

The uniqueness of Guria is in its diversity. You will experience how the alpine climate replaces the humid, subtropical climate without leaving Guria.

Gomismta (Gomi Mountain)

Gomismta is a mountain resort immersed in clouds and fog, ideal for relaxing as close to nature as possible and unwinding with friends or family. Gomismta is a summer, highland resort in Ozurgeti Municipality, Guria. Its height varies from 2100 meters to 2755 meters above sea level in different places.

Here you will be afar from the city noise and feel the benefits that this exotic place offers to you. Gomi Mountain is still considered a summer resort.

Gomismta is distinguished by its natural-climatic conditions with healing properties, which is due to the combination of sea and mountain air. Winters are snowy and cold on Gomismata, while summers are moderately cool.

It is known as the kingdom of clouds and fog, which is caused by the specific climate here.

Gomismata is surrounded by spruce and fir forests. It is rich in mineral waters and other natural resources.

GTG describes the route to get to this fabulous place in detail.


If you prefer the sandy beaches to the stony beach, you should visit Ureki. Ureki is a balneological resort located on the Black Sea coast, in Ozurgeti Municipality, 60 km away from Batumi. The seaside resort is famous for its healing subtropical sea climate and magnetic sand.

Ureki is also famous for its pine trees around the beach. You can relax under the trees, as well as enjoy the wonderful mountain views, well-equipped sanatoriums, houses, and cafe-bars.

Magnetic sand of Ureki is beneficial for the cardiovascular system, respiratory organs, chronic ischemic heart disease, some diseases of the joints, and neurosis, also for treating childhood illnesses.

Jikheti Monastery

The status of a cultural monument of national importance has been granted to the Jikheti Monastery in Lanchkhuti, which dates back to the 19th century.

The glorious temple of the convent was built by the famous architect Ilarion Menabde. Construction of the temple was completed in 1895. A school was also opened in the monastery. Here was taught how to read and write, as well as housework and handicrafts.

According to the legend, Tamar, the benevolent king of Georgia, has stayed and prayed here for one night while traveling in Adjara. In her honor, the locals have built a small temple named after nuns. At the end of the XIX century, this temple was moved to Trinity Mountain together with the monastery.

In 1905, the head priest of the monastery of St. John the Evangelist, Jonah, sent an icon of the Virgin Mary from Mount Athos to the monastery of Jikheti.

Every December 4 - the day of The Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the monastery big holiday - Jikhetoba is held.

Jikheti is located on the northern slope of the Guria Mountains, on Nigoiti Mountain, 250 m above sea level, 12 km from Lanchkhuti, 3 km from Nigoiti, 6 km from the highway.

Likhauri Fortress

Likhauri Fortress is a cultural heritage monument located in the village of Likhauri, Ozurgeti Municipality, Guria. It must have been built in the XIV-XVI centuries. It is called Queen Tamar Fortress, Chanieti Fortress.

The castle consists of a fence and several towers. It is a rectangular building, in the plan, the fence of which includes three towers of different sizes and shapes. The north tower is rectangular and narrows slightly upwards. It has four floors. Its first floor is the main gate of the prison. The first floor has a stone arched roof. It seems that the second and third floors should have been residential, and the fourth - combat.

This place offers an interesting experience for those for whom historical monuments are important.

Nodar Dumbadze House-Museum

If for you, along with relaxing in nature, leisure is also associated with cultural cognition, museums are the right choice. In this case, you can visit the house-museum of the famous Georgian writer Nodar Dumbadze in the village of Zenobani in Chokhatauri. In the museum, you will find a permanent exposition dedicated to the writer. The writer's personal belongings and archives, library, photographs of his life and work, correspondence, books, and other documents are also preserved there. With this rich material, you will get to know the writer's work and life better.

The house-museum was opened in 1994, in the very place where the writer loved to be, opposite of his grandparents' house. Nodar Dumbadze's favorite characters also lived there.


In recent years, Shekvetili has transformed from a quiet, peaceful resort to a noisy and diverse oasis. The resort Shekvetili is located in Guria, Ozurgeti Municipality, on the Black Sea coast, 2 meters above sea level, 45 kilometers away from Batumi. Shekvetili is famous for its black sand, vast, blue sea, sunny beach, green pine trees, and comfortable hotels, which host a lot of tourists every year. There are several hotels in Shekvetili, Tsitsinatela Amusement Park, Black Sea Arena Concert Hall, Musicians' Park, Miniature Park, and Dendrological Park.

The natural healing factors of the resort are the humid subtropical climate, water, magnetic sand. Shekvetili is characterized by a subtropical climate, with mild, snowless winters and warm, humid summers. Here you will be able to relax in a well-appointed, comfortable environment, visit "Tsitsinatela", where adrenaline lovers will find extreme attractions. You can also discover miniature models of Georgian sightings, attend concerts and various events, go hiking and see various examples of flora and fauna. Just 30 meters from the coastline are alpine forests that protect you from the hot sun.

Shekvetili is one of the most popular resorts visited by many foreigners or locals.


Mineral waters are the pride of Guria. Nabeghlavi is well-known to everyone, but you may not know much about the place where it comes from. Mineral spring is located in the balneological resort and village of Nabeghlavi, at 475 meters above sea level. Chokhatauri-Bakhmaro road passes through the village.

If you decide to spend your vacation in Bakhmaro, you can not neglect this special place where you can taste the water with particularly beneficial properties.

Nabeghlavi is famous for its unique climatic and balneological therapies. Precious mineral water "Nabeghlavi" flowing here is successfully used to treat diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver and bile ducts, kidneys, bones. It is used both for drinking and bathing. It is recommended for people of any age.


Shemokmedi is a particularly beautiful village in Guria, Ozurgeti Municipality. It is situated on the bank of the river Bzhuzha, 190 meters above sea level, 7 km from Ozurgeti.

The Ozurgeti-Gomismta road of local importance passes through the village.

The medieval monastery complex of Shemokmedi stands out among the sights. Monastery complex stands south of the river Bzhuzha, on a hill, 7-8 km southwest of Ozurgeti. It consists of three buildings. Two of them are adjacent temples: the 12th-century church of the deity (basilica) and the 16th-century domed church Zarzma, which was specially built by Vakhtang I Gurieli to bring the icon of the Transfiguration in it, transferred from the Zarzma monastery in the 16th century. The third monument is the 16th-century bell tower, restored in 1831. The Monastery of the Shemokmedi (creator) was the ancestral crypt of its Bishops and the Gurians.

Jaji Lake

Although you will not find many lakes in Guria, there are some remarkable lakes. One of them is Jaji Lake.

Jaji Lake is located on the southern slope of the Meskheti Range at 2655 meters above sea level. There are Didi (large) and Patara (small) Jaji Lakes.

Didi Jaji Lake is located in Guria, Chokhatauri Municipality.

The lake borders to Chokhatauri, Vani, and Adigeni municipalities. Near the lake, there is the Mepistskaro peak, which is 2850 meters high. It offers travelers views of three regions: Imereti, Guria, and Samtskhe-Javakheti. It is nourished with snow, rain, and groundwater. The water is fresh, clean, and transparent. It is a closed lake.

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