18 March, 2022

10 Places You Must Visit in Georgia

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Georgia is distinguished by beautiful nature, historical monuments, interesting legends, and delicious cuisine. To visit all the important sights of the country, you will need a lot of resources and time. However, it is possible to visit several places, which represent best the Georgian culture and nature.

Today we will tell you about the 10 best places to visit in Georgia.

სათაფლია, სათაფლიის აღკვეთილი - Sataplia


Sataplia is located in Imereti, Tskaltubo Municipality, on Sataplia mountain. In the past, bees gathered in this place, and residents climbed the mountain to get honey. That is why this place was named Sataplia (honey place).

Despite its name, the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Sataplia is dinosaur footprints. Dinosaur footprints are a rare phenomenon. In Sataplia they are located in two tiers, which is a unique case. These footprints belong to carnivorous dinosaurs from 120 million years ago and herbivorous dinosaurs from 65 million years ago.

Sataplia combines many services for tourists. In addition to visiting the footprints, you can also enjoy the ancient parts of the earth in the 900-meter-long karst cave. In addition, you will find an exhibition hall, cafes, souvenir shops, and a panoramic view, which will be the best end of the day.

Gomis Mta, Guria, Sunrise
Gomismta Mountain

Gomismta Mountain is one of the outstanding and stunningly beautiful summer resorts in Guria. The environment here is characterized by natural minerals and unique air. Vacationers visit Gomismta mainly to see the picturesque view from its heights. The combination of mountain and sea air creates a unique environment, which is associated with the beauty of paradise for many.

The resort does not have a good infrastructure. If you decide to spend your vacation here, you will have to be ready for a little comfort, because there is no electricity and water can only be obtained from natural resources. At the resort, you can attend the event of "Gomismtoba", during which many entertainment activities are held. Also, you can taste local dairy products, which hs a great quality due to the unique air.

Vardzia, Samtskhe-Javakheti


Vardzia is a place of great importance in the culture and history of Georgia. The legend of the lost Queen Tamar is connected to this place. The monastic complex carved into the rock itself includes more than 600 storage rooms, where the cellars with clay Qvevri vessels are kept. There are also 15 rock churches in Vardzia, one of which houses a fresco of Queen Tamar. Since 1999, monastic life has been renewed on the site.

Vardzia is a place of such great importance for Georgia, that not only tourists, but all Georgians should visit it at least once and "sense the history" of the 12th century.

ჯუთა - Juta


Blue sky, vast green meadows, and snowy mountains landscape, all are gathered in one place in the village of Juta, Kazbegi. Here you will visit the Juta Waterfall, which flows from a height of 10 meters. Close to it, you will also meet Mount Chaukhebi, at the bottom of which Tina Lake is located.

When traveling in Juta, it is advisable to take tents with you. This way you will feel the charm of the Georgian mountainous nature and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful environment. It is also possible to go rafting on the spot seasonally, which brings extreme happiness.

Bazaleti lake, Dusheti

Bazaleti Lake

Bazaleti Lake, one of the outstanding places in Georgia, is located 40 kilometers away from Tbilisi. It is surrounded by great mountains that create a stunning environment. The lake water is unique and is used to treat various diseases. It should be noted that Bazaleti is a closed lake. It feeds on rain and underground minerals. Many legends and stories are associated with this place. According to one of them, Lake Bazaleti was an ancient paradise. Here you can also see the colonnade of white columns, which is a symbol of 2500 years of friendship between Georgians and Jews.

მარტვილის კანიონი, canyon, visitor center

Martvili Canyon

Martvili Canyon is the most beautiful natural attraction in Samegrelo. It is a gorge cut in the form of a canyon built by limestone rocks. The canyon will win the hearts of all types of visitors, as the sight combines amazing views, exciting hiking trails, and boat tours. While walking you will come across 2 bridges and 3 platforms. You will notice many waterfalls during the boat trip in the canyon, which is 30 meters deep. The section of Oputskhole known by the name "Bath of Dadiani Family", is distinguished by its astonishing environment.

ფარავანის ტბა

Paravani Lake

Impressive Paravani Lake is one of the outstanding natural places in Georgia. Vacationers come here mainly to relax and enjoy the calm water. The water is perfect for fishing enthusiasts. You can also take a fishing rod on your trip and who knows, maybe you will come across fish. In winter, the surface is covered with 50 centimeters of ice and it is even possible to walk on it.

You can visit many interesting places in the surrounding area. Among them, there is the Poka St. Nino Nunnery, the foundation of which is connected with the name of St. Nino. The enamel workshop "Pokani" has been opened in the monastery, where icons and utensils needed for worship are made.

Heshkili Huts

There is a small village called Heshkili on the way to Hatsvali ski resort. At first sight, the huts are small wooden houses. However, if we look at the environment around it, the snowy village, fresh air, and small cozy cottages you'll see it's a fairyland. The wooden hut built on the tree which reminds you of your childhood is particularly popular among visitors. If you decide to travel to Heshkili, get ready to enjoy a surprisingly peaceful environment.

კაცხის სვეტი - Katskhi pillar

Katskhi Pillar

The Katskhi Pillar, known as the symbol of Chiatura, is truly a marvelous place. After climbing the 40-meter staircase, you will see a beautiful view. That is the place where earth and sky join each other. The monastery is an ordinary chapel, where only one recluse lives. At one time, Katskhi was a place of idolatry, but now it has been given a Christian meaning. The Katski Pillar is sometimes called the path to God.

Rabati Castle

The historical Rabati Castle, located in the city of Akhaltsikhe, is already rehabilitated and is waiting for visitors. This place played a great role as a defense structure in ancient times. Today tourists can discover it from a closer view. As a result of the restoration, a wall, a citadel, an Orthodox temple of the 9th-10th centuries, a madrasa, a mosque named after Haji Akhmed-Pasha Jaqeli, and a Jaqeli Palace, where the exhibition hall of the Samtskhe-Javakheti History Museum was located, were renewed in the territory of the castle complex.

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