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Lake Memuli  in Chuberi Gorge

Lake Memuli in Chuberi Gorge Samegrelo - Zemo Svaneti

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Rout is located in Chuberi gorge. Its start from Memuli summer farms, goes along the Memuli river gorge and ends at the Lake Memuli which is located at the bottom of the Memuli pass.

Distance15 km See more
From Tseri to Heart

From Tseri to Heart Protected Areas, Tusheti Protected Areas

5 Stars

The trail starts from Tseri (Torgva Abano Pass) goes through Ortskali pass, Ortskali lakes and decends to Gometsari gorge. In Gometsari gorge route goes through the villages Vestmo, Vestomta, Goglurta, Dochu and Bochorna. Rout ends in village Omalo.

Distance30 km See more
Village Uravi - Village Shkedi

Village Uravi - Village Shkedi Racha-Lechkhumi and Kvemo Svaneti

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Panoramic view on Ambrolauri and Oni Municipalities, Kelida pass, Lakes, Panoramic view on Caucasus

Distance40 km See more
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