07 September, 2021

How to Spend Fall

Autumn is the most romantic time of the year. Is there is someone for whom the fall of leaves, pure work of art, is not wonderful?! Walking in the colorful forest and enjoying the scenery, is one of the greatest and unforgettable pleasures. Thus, there are lots of reasons why autumn is a unique period.

The nature of Georgia becomes even more beautiful during this season. You will find plenty of opportunities for fun and recreation at any place. And we, prepared for work, start thinking about the trip to boost the energy. Everyone has different goals, some want to take beautiful photos, some want to walk in the woods, some just want to sit by the lake and read a book. Fortunately, we have many more and diverse places than it seems at the first sight.

You can arrange an unforgettable photoshoot in the forests full of colorful trees and leaves. Rtveli (harvest holiday in Georgia), tranquil lakes, riding horses - these are just a few of the activities that you can do during the most colorful time of the year. In this article, you will find out about the important places and entertaining activities that will help you to plan your fall better.

Places to Visit in the Fall

These days, you can find a quiet place to sit, walk and have fun in any part of Georgia. However, to have a small journey from the capital, we will introduce you Kakheti region. Here, the real holiday season starts now. Is not almost everything created for the fall season?! In a word, If you have dreamt about the place, where you would gladly rest in autumn, know that you will make your dreams come true in Kakheti.


When you enter Kakheti, you will have several options where to go. In any case, crossing the Gombori ridge is already a sign of a happy beginning. You will not stop watching the colorful trees on the road. The Cameras will glow in red and yellow. Behind the trees, a meadow of fallen leaves will appear. Most likely, you will decide to stop and arrange a small photoshoot. In addition to the colorful nature, you will enjoy the beautiful panoramic views of the Alazani Valley and the Caucasus Mountains from the Gombori road. On the way, you will also meet the springs.

Lopota Lake

This place is the unofficial eighth wonder of the world. For some, it is the pearl of Kakheti, for others, it is a Georgian paradise. These titles were given to it due to the indescribably beautiful environment, which is stretched on millions of square meters and always attracts the great attention of vacationers. On Lake Lopota all seasons are painted in different colors, although the autumn tones are unique. The lake, hidden in the stunning forest, and the hotel built around it, have become an ideal recreational site. Everything here is gathered in one place and is attractive for all types of guests. After seeing this scenery, it will be hard to return home.


For a person in love, it does not matter where he will spend his happy moments, however, Signagi is a high-ranking place among the options. The streets of Kakheti which is known as a city of love, still smell of old Georgian life. Signagi is full of cobblestones and old buildings and it will always serve happy travelers. On the way, you can visit the museum and discover the works of Niko Pirosmani. Near the city, there is Bodbe Monastery of St. Nino. According to the legend, a person bathed in the monastery water is freed from all sins. If you want to discover nature, you can easily get to Iori Managed Reserve. Here you will meet many unique varieties of flowers and you can imprint them all in your digital memories.


We know many popular places in Kakheti, however, there are lots of sites that only locals have heard about. One such place is the village Zegaani. Next to the village of Gurjaani municipality, the mystical forest is located. There are various legends about this forest, though hearing them from the locals will be more interesting. During this season, the fog is common in the forest around the Zegaani monastery complex of the Holy Mother of God, which will scare you a little along with the legends told. Although this feeling is nothing comparing the beauty of the forest, the unique colors of which the human palette can not depict.

Kvareli Lake

Starting a cool morning with a hot drink and a warm coat requires one important detail for perfection - the view. Kvareli Lake is the place where you can enjoy the beautiful panoramic views from any side. Deciduous forests and hills are on one side and a park built specifically for recreation purposes is on the other. This place is also called Ilia Lake in honor of Ilia Chavchavadze. It is said that even the sun shines differently here, warming the parts of the face. Near the lake, you can also find the Duruji Boulder of almost 2 centuries old. The giant boulder of nearly 250-tonne was brought down by the Duruji River and still motionlessly is placed in one place. If you go for a walk in the city, you will also be able to visit entertainment and educational places. For example, the Kote Marjanishvili Theater, which is still functioning today. You should definitely visit the Money Museum too. This is the only place in Georgia that is dedicated solely to money. Kvareli Fortress is located in the center of the city and is almost 5 centuries old.

Ninoskhevi Waterfall

You will see many forests, lakes and beautiful cities in Kakheti, however, visiting the waterfall is a really big and remarkable thing. Ninoskhevi Waterfall, also known as Gurgeniani Waterfall is located on the river Ninoskhevi. It is 40 meters high and the walking path to it is quite tough. If you just want to visit the waterfall without any hiking activities, you can also take a minibus. In autumn the river is calm and you will not meet dangerous places. The road is rocky and for this trip, it is better to wear solid footwear. As for the environment, a spectacular sight will be unfolded in front of you. Limpid, clean water flows from colorful trees and leaves and falls on the giant boulders. You will meet many types of flora and fauna in the nearby forest. Georgian oak and chestnut are the most common among them. You can also become friends with a wild boar.

Lakbe Reservoir

In ancient times the river Lakbe was dammed and formed Lake Lakbe. It was surrounded by beautiful and abundant nature and as a result, we got an environment of superb beauty that you should definitely visit to make your fall voyage. A number of works were carried out at this place to build a reservoir, but the case was not completed and today some call it Lakbe Reservoir, while for others it is just a natural lake. The surrounding forest is distinguished with its rare minerals and healing mud. In a word, you will relax here and return home healthier as well.

Shuamta Forest

If you want to walk in the forest, where it is very quiet and even insects fly silently, then you should definitely visit Shuamta forest. The nature in this place is beautiful at any time of the year, but especially in autumn. In the middle, you will also meet the monasteries of Old Shuamta and New Shuamta, which have a great history. From this place, you can see the forest and wide landscapes, which are ideal for photography. The Shuamta forest is also a perfect place to observe the stars since the sky form it is always clear.

What to Eat in Kakheti

Kakhetian cuisine has always been distinguished by the variety of tastes and special preparation techniques, where every detail is important and a special secret ingredient is love. That is why the result is delicious. Kakhetian flavors are known not only in Georgia but also abroad. This is mostly due to the wine, however, Mtsvadi and other local dishes are also very popular and delicious.


There is an unchangeable recipe for Kakhetian Mtsvadi cooking, which is usually made on a wooden skewer with slices of beef or pork roasted on a spit and then put in the bowl by Dedas Puri (mother's bread). Here, sirloin Mtsvadi is considered a delicacy and special, hazelnut skewers are used to prepare it. This gives the dish a specific and unforgettable taste. Georgian tkemali and red wine go with Mtsvadi very well, which you will definitely find in Kakheti. You can taste Mtsvadi in every restaurant or canteen. The art of preparing Mtsvadi got very diverse, so you have to taste it many times to make the right conclusions about a real Kakhetian Mtsvadi.

Kakhetian Wine

The vine has such great significance for Georgia that the tradition of growing it is almost 8000 years old. Kakhetians have never denied their ancestral approach to growing grapes and they make a delicious wine so far, which is first enjoyed by Georgian lips and then by numerous sommeliers in the world. The philosophy of winemaking and pressing the grapes is one of the great works of art. That is why wine is so important to us. The vineyards of the best quality wines are located in the Alazani and Iori basins. You can enjoy Kakhetian wines anywhere in Kakheti: Tsinandali, Manavi, Mukuzani, and many more. This sweet juice will also be served in families.


Candle-shaped sweet - Churchkhela, originated in Kakheti, is a traditional Georgian sweet, which is always considered a desirable snack and can compete significantly with worldwide brands. We usually meet Churchkhela at the New Year table although in Kakheti there is no one specific preparation period for Churchkhela and Tatara. You can choose Georgian Snickers - Chuchkhela prepared with the desired grapes and delicious stuffing. Some like with walnut, some with hazelnut.


As you already know, there are many unique and old methods of preparing meat in Kakheti. Besides Mtsvadi, there are other deliciousnesses in the Kakhetian menu. Here you will meet freshly cooked beef flavored with delicious herbs. Serving Kashlama with wine and traditional toasts is a necessary activity. Khashlama is very popular in Kakheti and therefore, you will be able to taste it everywhere.


And here is the third, different approach to cooking meat, called Chakapuli. This dish is made from tkemali, tarragon and various other herbs. Stewed veal or mutton is mixed with white wine and then mixed with herbs. As a result, Chakapuli is prepared. Unlike Mtsvadi and churchkhela, it is not necessary to be a holiday to prepare Chakapuli, so you can taste it at any time, no matter where you are.

Where to Stay

You Already walked around beautiful places, took photos, played a lot, or just closed your eyes and listened to the sound of nature. Chances are, one day was not enough for all this and now you start thinking about where to spend the night. Fortunately, staying in this region is as sweet as nature and food. Mostly, we find here hotels and guesthouses and every guest is expected with great love. In all types of hotels, you will find the necessary equipment for a living and maybe, even more, to spend time better and more comfortably.


Hotels in Kakheti are the most popular places to spend the night. Here you will find rooms of different types and services. Prices start from 40 GEL and depend on what you need for an ideal vacation. In a relatively high-budget place, you can have more fun. For example, you can play golf, darts or swim in the pool. However, this is only possible in some, expensive hotels. Low-budget hotels will welcome you with normal rooms and a kind heart.


Kakhetian hospitality has always been outstanding throughout our history. To diversify and simplify the vacation days, the families have decided to share their own houses for visitors. There is a more homely environment here and you have a chance to have closer look at traditional Kakhetian family life. Prices start from 30 GEL and depend on the service that the family offers. Some of them may introduce you to a cellar, Rtveli and lots of Kakhetian sights, take you to must-see places and lead you to a warm bedroom with a sweet Mravalzhamieri (Georgian polyphonic song) the evening.

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